Show Up for Kids: Mischa Martin & Jerome Strickland Op-ed

Jerome Strickland and Mischa Martin wrote an in the Arkansas Democratic Gazette, the two community leaders speak about Every Child Arkansas, which officially launched this past Tuesday (2/28).

They explain that Every Child Arkansas has created a partnership between new streamlined technology and partner organizations who have been building relationships in Arkansas’ communities for years. Every Child provides wrap around support – before, during, and after foster care. It also makes it so everyone, in a way you are currently able, can make a difference and show up for kids and families affected by foster care.

Mischa Martin is the deputy director of Arkansas’ Department of Human Services and served as the director for the Division of Children and Family Services for DHS from 2016-2023. Jerome Strickland is the Executive Director of The Contingent, Arkansas, the organizational backbone for Every Child Arkansas.

Read the full article on Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s website here.