There is a crisis in Arkansas. Too often we hear of “not enough” – resources, support, families.

We formed Every Child Arkansas in response to these challenges. Every Child Arkansas is a network of advocates, agencies, faith-based organizations, and other organizations working together in trust-building collaboration to fill the biggest gaps in caring for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care in our state.

The Every Child Arkansas Network is comprised of several partners who play vital roles, and we all share and coordinate our unique strengths to multiply the impact of our work for these children and families. We are united around a shared vision of:

for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care in every county in Arkansas.

What We Do


Every Child shares the realities of foster care while demonstrating a positive, collaborative, and hopeful tone that challenges the stereotypes associated with the system and those involved.

Empowering Volunteers

Every Child provides meaningful ways for anyone and everyone to engage with the child welfare system.

Raising Up New Foster Parents

While inviting individuals to get involved at any level, Every Child Arkansas is relentless about sharing the need for more foster families. Our mission is to demystify the process and help anyone willing to open their homes get partnered with the best organization for them.

Supporting Families

As foster families come forward at an unprecedented rate and families of origin get reunified (the goal of foster care), Every Child provides relational, community, and tangible support for families.

Our Values


Every Child connects individuals, business, families, and faith communities with acute needs.


Every Child believes in a hopeful future for children and families in Arkansas.


Every Child practices radical hospitality, setting the table for everyone and caring for all those Involved with the foster system.


Every Child practices discipline in regular innovation, meeting needs quickly and developing new ways to tackle complex problems.


Every Child provides radical hospitality with a posture of humility and care for children, families, and our partners working in child welfare.


Every Child provides avenues for compassion-in-action for kids and families in Arkansas.



Foster care organizations began gathering together to explore how collaboration could change the way kids and families are served in Arkansas.

June 2022

The Contingent was welcomed In Arkansas as a partner In foster family recruitment.

August 2022

“Every Child Arkansas” coined and launched as a collective effort with 20+ organizations.

February 2023

Every Child Arkansas launches publicly to Invite everyone Into bringing what they can to the table for kids and families Impacted by foster care.


Partnering with Arkansas’s Division of Children and Family Services and community organizations, Every Child Arkansas works to solve Arkansas’s foster care crisis through marketing, education, one-on-one connections, and Initiatives. There’s something for everyone to bring to the table wherever you are!

From Our Community

Illustration of an Arkansas river

Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Arkansas.