Reunification Month

Celebrating National Reunification Month: The Joy of Bringing Families Back Together

June is National Reunification Month, a time to celebrate the incredible journey of families coming back together. Reunification is the ultimate goal of foster care, and it represents hope, love, and the power of second chances. At Every Child Arkansas, we are dedicated to supporting the process, ensuring that children can return to their birth families safely and successfully.

Reunification is not just a process; it’s a heartfelt mission. When children enter foster care, it is often a challenging and emotional experience for everyone involved. However, with the right support and resources, families can heal and grow stronger. Our foster parents play a crucial role in this journey. By providing a stable, nurturing environment, they offer children the comfort and security they need during this transitional period.

Moreover, foster parents do more than just care for children; they actively participate in the process. They work closely with birth families, social workers, and therapists, fostering positive relationships and facilitating smooth transitions. This collaborative effort helps birth parents address challenges, learn new skills, and ultimately reunite with their children.

Get Involved

So, as we celebrate National Reunification Month, we encourage everyone to reflect on the importance of family. It is a testament to resilience and the unwavering belief that families can overcome obstacles. It’s a reminder that, with compassion and support, families can be whole again.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a foster parent, now is the perfect time to get involved. By opening your heart and home, you can make a profound difference in a child’s life and play a vital role in their journey. Your kindness can help restore a family, bringing joy and stability to children and their birth parents.

Join us in celebrating National Reunification Month and the extraordinary power of family. Together, we can support reunification efforts and help more families experience the joy of being reunited. For more information on how you can get involved, check out the 3 Ways You Can Support Reunification below.

Reunification: bringing families back together, one step at a time.

Reunification in Arkansas

3 Ways You Can support reunification
  1. Become a Foster Parent: Open your heart and home to children in need. As a foster parent, you can provide a nurturing and stable environment while actively participating in the reunifying process. By offering support to both the child and their birth family, you help create a smoother transition and foster a positive relationship that benefits everyone involved.
  2. Volunteer with Support Programs: Many organizations offer programs that support families working towards reunifying. You can volunteer your time and skills to mentor birth parents, assist with parenting classes, or provide childcare during therapy sessions. In fact, your involvement can make a significant difference in helping families overcome obstacles and achieve their goal of reunification.
  3. Advocate for Reunification Efforts: Raise awareness about the importance of reunification within your community. Share information about the benefits of family reunification and the need for supportive services. Additionally, you can also advocate for policies and programs that provide resources for birth families, ensuring they have the tools and support necessary to succeed in their reunification journey. Most importantly, your voice can help shape a more supportive environment for families striving to be together again.