Every Child Arkansas – More Than Enough

Every Child Arkansas works with foster care organizations all over Arkansas for more than enough for children and families before, during, and after foster care. We are streamlining the system so that when someone wants to become a foster parent they can go to one website – EveryChildArkansas.org – to learn more and to connect to an organization that can guide them through the process.

In this video, we hear from Dr. Phil Goad and Jerome Strickland. Dr. Phil Goa has been our tireless advocate. Jerome Strickland is the Executive Director of The Contingent, Arkansas, who has built the Every Child model. Together, they explain the need for community support to fill the biggest gaps in the foster care system. Please listen to the video below!

With more than 4,000 children in foster care in Arkansas, there is something for everyone to do to help. You can open your home to a child or sibling group that is in foster care, or you can help in other ways. You can volunteer for foster children and families, donate goods or give financially.

Every Child Arkansas

To get involved:

For those interested in connecting with an organization in the Every Child Arkansas network, please visit our Connect Page. There you can choose an organization to work with and they will reach out to you with next steps. If you ever have an issue with the form, our community experience team will reach out and help you with any questions. Our community experience team can also help you with choosing the best organization to fit your needs.

To learn more about the steps to become a foster family, click “Foster Explore” on our connect form. You will get an email chain that gives you resources and knowledge to help you take the next step.

Together, we can change the foster care system in Arkansas.