Did You Know?

Did you know our partners work day AND night to make sure kids get placed into homes?

“Anybody else’s work team come alive at 10:30 at night? Ours does! We received a text about an hour ago about some sweet babies needing placement tonight. I expected to work through the situation myself and update the team tomorrow morning. But not this team. My entire admin crew has been watching their computers, processing paperwork, and reaching out to help. Not because they have to, but because they want to. We pretty much live for placing kids in homes! Our foster parents answered my messages immediately and started figuring out how they could squeeze in more kids. They are going to likely be up all night long waiting on kids and settling them in. Their sacrifice is nothing short of beautiful!

THIS is what passion looks like. You won’t find a team that is more passionate about serving children in foster care. I’m so proud to serve alongside them!”

– Liz, Second Chance Youth Ranch

The work our partners do is so encouraging. The passion, selflessness and care they put into their work is awe-inspiring!