All About Fictive Kin

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What is Fictive Kin? 

Fictive Kin are individuals who have a close and positive relationship with a child prior to them entering foster care. This can be a close family friend, neighbor, teacher or coach!  

What are the benefits of fictive kin? 

Fictive kin placements greatly benefit a child who has been placed in care. They allow children to maintain important relationships with extended family members, friends, teachers, or others who are already a part of their lives. This continuity can provide emotional stability. They also minimize disruptions in a child’s life as they are not in a completely new and unfamiliar environment. Familiarity is key! 

What’s the process? 

  1. Contact – If a parent or caregiver identifies you as someone who may be able to provide a resource home for a child in care DCFS will contact you to schedule a home visit. If you know of a child already in or entering foster care, you can contact DCFS to inquire about becoming a resource home for that child. 
  1. Home Visit – During your home visit, a DCFS caseworker will have you fill out paperwork to complete a background check and inspect your home. Once your background check passes the state level the child can be placed in your home!  
  1. Resources – At this point, you are a provisional resource home. As a provisional resource home, you are eligible to receive resources. You will receive a monthly board payment (varies based on child’s age), child care, Medicaid, and a clothing voucher. 
  1. Next Steps – As a provisional resource home you have six months to complete the rest of your training to become a fully licensed fictive kin resource home. This will include completing a 12-hour training course, a home study, first-aid/CPR Training, and a final home walk through. 

Becoming a fictive kin resource home is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4! Will you be the one to stand in the gap for a family in need? Click here to begin the process to become a licensed resource home. 

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