What is the significance of a PLPA?

Every Child Arkansas partners with seven Private License Placement Agencies across the state of Arkansas. These agencies help families get licensed to become foster parents while also offering additional resources and aid that The Department of Children and Family Services may not offer.

What is the process of getting licensed through a PLPA?

  1. The first step to becoming a licensed foster family is filling out our connect form. This form allows us to get to know you so we can connect you with the PLPA that will suit your needs the best! You can find the connect form here.
  2. After you fill out the connect form, you will receive a call from someone on our team. They will go over the PLPA’s in your area with you, answer any questions you have and then connect you with an agency.
  3. After being connected with an agency, you will receive an application and additional forms or documents you may need to fill out.
  4. Once your application with agency has been completed, you will start training classes. To become a licensed foster home 30 hours of training are required. Your agency will help you with scheduling these classes!
  5. If needed, you may be required to complete first-aid and CPR training.
  6. After completing all the necessary training, a caseworker will then be sent to do a home study of your residence. You’re almost done!
  7. The last step is your home certification. After receiving your home certification, you will officially be a licensed resource home and your home will be open for fostering.

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