Every Child Arkansas Network Recruitment Kit – Business

This page has the resources you need to start reaching out to local businesses to celebrate the foster parents in their organization and inspire more loving folks to open their homes for children in care. These recruitment tools are here to help you and are specific to businesses, if you’re looking for the page for Healthcare and Education recruitment tools click the links below:

Step 1: Inquire and prepare for the meeting

Below you will find Every Child Arkansas recruitment talking points. Download the document below to get helpful stats and messaging about Every Child Arkansas, the state of foster care in Arkansas, and sample emails that you can use to reach out and make meetings with business owners. We have also included helpful strategies for making connections and for preparing any guests (for example, a foster parent who can share their story) for the meeting.

Step 2: What to bring to the meeting

We have developed a one pager and case for support about Every Child that you can bring to your meeting for any additional talking points and to leave with the person you are meeting with. You can also use any of the printed material to leave behind, as well as a powerpoint that you can use during your meeting or for the business owner to share with their staff.

Step 3: Follow Up

After your initial meeting you will want to follow up with the organizations leaders or individuals you met with. You can use the sample follow up email below and include in the additional marketing materials as well. The follow up email includes a link to a separate landing page with marketing materials for them to share with their staff.

Additional marketing materials and videos

After the meeting you can follow up with these marketing materials, or use any of these in additional recruitment needs. The post card and book mark both have the 3 Calls to Action that are the same throughout this recruitment strategy.

Video assets

You can use these videos in your meeting, in the outreach email, or afterward for any recruitment needs. We have a list of in-county videos that have stats on how many children are in care in each county in Arkansas and how many families are needed to keep these children in their communities.

Illustration of an Arkansas river

Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Arkansas.