Every Child is here to help you guide your decision – do you have training or skillsets that would aid a child with higher levels of need? Would you like more hands-on support, training, and reimbursement from one of our partner organizations? Therapeutic or Developmental Disability Care might be a great option for you!

Children in foster care who have trauma and/or are exhibiting some behavioral needs
  • Child need: mental health
  • Caregiver skill: higher
  • Support $ (by age): high
Children in foster care who have disabilities and/or have medical needs
  • Child need: medical
  • Caregiver skill: higher
  • Support $$ (by age): higher

Parents will have tremendous support!

  • Extra supportive services 24/7 through our partner organizations.
  • Weekly case management and therapy for the child.
  • At least monthly support from DHS, CASA (if applicable), care coordinators, attorney, etc.

Empowering parents to make a difference.

Therapeutic Foster Care & Developmental Disability training will give you the skills and knowledge you need to care for a child with higher levels of need. By participating in this training, you will be well-equipped to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children who require specialized care and support.

The need is great in Arkansas.

There are many children awaiting a family-like placement, and not enough homes open. These are children who would greatly benefit from the consistency and comfort that is provided from a home setting.

You might still have questions about foster care, therapeutic foster care, the training process, and what support is available for foster parents. Click Connect to get weekly emails with information, resources, and a chance to connect with us to ask questions. We know that it can be a leap of faith to become a foster parent, and we want to walk with you through the journey.

Being a form of support and a source of opportunity for a child to heal and overcome the trauma they endured will always be worth “putting up” with their behavior. However, I wish this mindset view were altered from being seen as “putting up with” to “opportunity to heal” and/or “opportunity to change.”

We have a lot of support through the organization we’re with. We have people come to our home, we have monthly meetings with other foster parents, so we have a lot of support.

Don’t count yourself as a failure. Things are going to be good. Use your resources. Do not give up because one thing goes wrong.

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Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Arkansas.