Foster Care at Work

Welcome to our Employee Engagement page! Here, you’ll find a variety of sample emails and creative ideas to help get your employees and staff involved with Every Child Arkansas and our partners. By encouraging your team to participate, you can make a significant impact on the lives of children in need while fostering a sense of community and purpose within your business or organization. Explore the resources below to get started and inspire your team to make a difference today!

1. Lunch and Learn Sessions

Organize virtual or in-person lunch and learn sessions where employees can watch educational videos and hear from current foster parents within your organization. Provide digital PDFs and FAQs from our toolkit for further information. You can even invite a foster care organization from your community to help facilitate!

2. Newsletter Features

Include information, videos, stories and testimonials from foster parents and volunteers in the company’s internal newsletter. Share links to our toolkit resources so your staff can learn more about foster care and the many ways they can get involved.

3. Intranet Page

Create a dedicated page on the company intranet with all the resources from our toolkit. Include digital PDFs, FAQs, videos, and links to upcoming information sessions.

4. Employee Spotlight

Encourage employees who are already foster parents or volunteers to share their experiences. If you identify any foster parent employees
willing to be featured in a video or narrative story, please send their contact information. We will collaborate with our partners and marketing team to create the feature, which you can then use to celebrate, support, and inspire within your organization.

5. Resource Distribution

Provide informational materials about foster care to your staff members either through physical materials or digital channels. If you have televisions in your breakroom that loop through announcements or events consider including an ECA video or image.

6. Support Services

Offer resources and support to your employees who are current foster parents. If you foster parents are not currently a part of your parental leave policies consider adding them.

7. Community Engagement

Collaborate on community events or initiatives to raise awareness about foster care and recruit potential foster families, leveraging the expertise and resources of Every Child Arkansas partners. Consider starting a volunteer drive or collecting needed supplies to donate to foster families.

8. Social Media Campaigns

If your company using social media platforms, consider sharing what your organization/business is doing with partnering with us! You can share ECA content or create your own and also use social media as another way to highlight foster parents within your organization.

9. Drip Campaign

Start an internal drip campaign with weekly emails to your staff on different aspects of foster care and how they can get involved. You can use the sample emails below or craft your own. With the samples emails below, you can send one weekly over a six week period or biweekly over three months.

foster fostering 101
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Every Child mobilizes community to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Arkansas.